Wavy Hair without hot tool

I wanted my hair to be wavy without using a hot tool; I took the following steps and was very happy.



STEP 1: Wash hair and detangle

STEP2: Towel dry hair

STEP 3: Braid damp hair

STEP 4: Spray leave in conditioner and holding gel

STEP 5: Go to sleep

STEP 6: Remove the braid the next day and voila! You have wavy hair.

**If you want to achieve curls just twist your hair and use thin rubber bands, you will be impressed.


MAC for Beginners

For those of you who are just starting to use the MAC Cosmetics I think these are good choices to beginning.

M·A·C Bronze Everyday Mineralize Skinfinish
M·A·C Mineralize Moisture Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Lip Gloss (color of choice)
Eyeshadow (natural colors such as nude,brown etc)
Black eyeliner

MAC Starter

MAC Cosmetics bronze makeup

Mac cosmetics makeup

Mac cosmetics eyeshadow
$26 – debenhams.com

MAC Cosmetics waterproof eye liner
$26 – debenhams.com

Item Review : Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

So I have been using this amazing cleanser and I just love it, I use it first thing in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean.

Its a very gentle face wash that helps the healing and protection for aggravated or stressed skin, due to pollution, harsh climate and even hormonal changes.

I suggest you try it, you will love the way your face feels after.