Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 2013

We all know the tradition wedding dresses are white/off white. I for one believe that sometimes you need to spice things up. I absolutely love Vera Wang’s 2013 Wedding Dress Collection. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to walk down the aisle with a red dress, and BOOM! there are so many styles to choose from now.

Would you wear any of these wedding dresses?




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Perfect Eyebrows

Some of us take our eyebrows for granted! Eyebrows are basically the ones that make you look good. Imagine yourself without eyebrows. Matter fact; take a picture and Photoshop your eyebrows out, not a pretty scene huh?

You would be extremely amazed how having a perfect arch can change the way you look. Not many people pay attention but trust me it makes a difference.

If your brow hairs are long, it’s a good idea to trim them first before you tweeze this way you can see the shape of your brow and not make any mistakes.


Homemade Exfoliating Mask

Today I bring you a homemade exfoliating mask recipe; this mask will make your skin look and feel fresh.

The best home ingredient you can ever use is Honey not only is delicious but it’s amazing for your skin.

• Baking Soda
• Honey
• Oats
• Water
• Plastic Bowl
• Mixing Spoon

1. In a plastic bowl mix the baking soda, the oats and honey
2. Add a bit of water
3. Mix well until the baking soda is dissolved
4. When it all looks like a good mixture, easy to use
5. Apply with your fingertips and massage in circular motion for about 20 seconds
6. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes
7. Rinse with warm water and then pat dry

You should see a difference right away; your skin should be very smooth, this mask will also bring out any impurities your skin may have.

Apply, Turn on some Candles and Relax


Item Review: Finger Paints Shades of Dark

I love dark nail polish colors and wanted a new color for this week, so I purchased the Finger Paints Shades of Dark which is a beautiful color. This color is a purple reddish black, difficult to explain; you cannot see the difference in the sun. If you apply only 1 coat is more of purple reddish mid black if you apply 2 coats then it’s totally darkness. Overall a very nice and shiny color.


Item Review: Rimmel by Kate Moss

I must say that I am quite impressed with this entire line of lipsticks. I was looking for a specific color and could not seem to find it in another line plus I needed it like right away. I purchased the Rimmel 09 very nice color I think it’s amazing; I am totally in love with it. The packaging very simple and slick I believe is a great look not to say that it only cost $4.99