Favorite MAC Items

Favorite MAC Items

Hello Saturday Morning Outfit

BG Morning
                                                               Saturday Morning Outfit.

All Wedding Dresses Aboard!

As little girls we have all thought and planned our dream wedding, but when reality has stroked have we actually made that dream a reality? Most of us haven’t because we listen to the opinions of everyone around us; I say this is your wedding why not have what you want? It may be your only one. We all have different taste especially about our big special day what you may think is pretty I may not like. There are many types of weddings out there from traditional to modern to even hobo weddings, your wedding; you pick.

Here are some beautiful wedding dresses for each persona.

lazaro-pink-wedding-dress pink-wedding-dress white wedding dresssimple-short-wedding-dress white red wedding dress red-wedding-dresVera-Wang-black-wedding icy-blue-wedding-dress Lime-Green-and-Gold-floral-wedding-dresspurple-wedding-dress colorful wedding dress orange wedding

Item Review: Philip B Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo

Philip B has many wonderful products and the Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo is one of them.

This shampoo is amazing; you feel it working right from the moment it’s applied to your hair. For some time I had a serious flake issue, my scalp super itchy it was unbelievable. I tried the Philip B Anti Flake Shampoo and I was impressed! It worked its magic, and I felt relieved right after. Believe me for someone who wears black almost every day it’s not good to have flakes, it was a life changer.

What this shampoo will do:

  1. Balance, clear, and renew your scalp whether is dry or oily
  2. Moisturizes, calms, and soothes the scalp
  3. Treats dandruff or psoriasis
  4. Evens out skin cell turnover to give you a flake-free      scalp and shoulders.



  • Shake well
  • Apply a small amount to hands and gently massage onto wet scalp
  • Leave shampoo on scalp for two to three minutes


Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection 2014

I have seen many Carolina Herrera bridal designs and they are gorgeous and elegant always classy. The french fabrics are lovely , I can honestly say I admire most of her work.

The 2014 Bridal Collection is nice, there’s a dress for each personality and age.

CH 4 2014 spring summerCH 2014 spring summerCH 2 2014 spring summer CH 3 2014 spring summer CH 6 2014 spring summer CH 5 2014 spring summer