Wedding Themes and Ideas

Wedding Bells! Wedding Bells!

Having a wedding is an amazing experience it’s a dream come true for many of us. There are so many themes to choose from, so many colors and styles it is fascinating just thinking about it. The food, drinks, desserts, dresses, shoes, hairstyles and all the details in between; perfection in every way possible.

Here are some ideas if you are still trying to figure it out.


Red Wedding Ideas



 red-pink-and-sparkle-gold-wedding-color-palette-ideas-19 nashville-red-wedding-flowers-enchanted-5 Wedding-reception-idea red-wedding-cakes-ideas03

White Wedding Ideas


Black-and-White-Wedding-Flowers-Ideas-964 001_primary flower-for-wedding-cake-748 preston-bailey-ivanka-trump-wedding-1

Pink Wedding Ideas


pink-bridesmaid-dresses DSC07056-1 Pink_Wedding_Final pink-wedding-flower-centerpieces-qna1kcy3

& My Favorite Wine Wedding Ideas


 wine-theme-cork-wedding-reception-centerpieces-477 Winery%20themed%20wedding photo 2 (2)wine_wedding_ideasvineyard-wedding-wine-wedding-decor-centerpiece-reception-decorations_com Wine Cork Wedding Favor     


All Wedding Dresses Aboard!

As little girls we have all thought and planned our dream wedding, but when reality has stroked have we actually made that dream a reality? Most of us haven’t because we listen to the opinions of everyone around us; I say this is your wedding why not have what you want? It may be your only one. We all have different taste especially about our big special day what you may think is pretty I may not like. There are many types of weddings out there from traditional to modern to even hobo weddings, your wedding; you pick.

Here are some beautiful wedding dresses for each persona.

lazaro-pink-wedding-dress pink-wedding-dress white wedding dresssimple-short-wedding-dress white red wedding dress red-wedding-dresVera-Wang-black-wedding icy-blue-wedding-dress Lime-Green-and-Gold-floral-wedding-dresspurple-wedding-dress colorful wedding dress orange wedding

Carolina Herrera Bridal Collection 2014

I have seen many Carolina Herrera bridal designs and they are gorgeous and elegant always classy. The french fabrics are lovely , I can honestly say I admire most of her work.

The 2014 Bridal Collection is nice, there’s a dress for each personality and age.

CH 4 2014 spring summerCH 2014 spring summerCH 2 2014 spring summer CH 3 2014 spring summer CH 6 2014 spring summer CH 5 2014 spring summer



Vera Wang Bridal Collection Fall 2013

Vera Wang has the most fascinating wedding dresses; these dresses truly are of princesses.
The small details make them even more precious, each dress has different lacing and assortment.
I honestly love the puffiness of these dresses; it’s like a fairy tale wedding.

Vera Wang 1Vera Wang Fall 2013_1




Vera Wang Fall 2013_2

Wedding Hairstyles

There are so many hairtyles to choose from for your wedding, here I have a few;

brunette-cascading-curls_miniWedding hairstyles 2013-5

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 2013

We all know the tradition wedding dresses are white/off white. I for one believe that sometimes you need to spice things up. I absolutely love Vera Wang’s 2013 Wedding Dress Collection. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to walk down the aisle with a red dress, and BOOM! there are so many styles to choose from now.

Would you wear any of these wedding dresses?




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