Hello Saturday Morning Outfit

BG Morning
                                                               Saturday Morning Outfit.

Casual Friday Outfit 8.16.13

Casual Friday Outfit

Valentines Day

February 24th is the day of “love” but shouldn’t everyday be about love? Everyone is entitled to their opinions; I for one believe that no one should force the other to give on this day. Everyday should be special between a couples relationship, but none the less you should always look fantastic for your other half.

What to wear on Valentine’s Day? Don’t go crazy thinking about it; he loves you no matter what you wear.

Simple dresses that you probably already have, throw on some heels color preferably to make you stand out, nice natural makeup, nails and hair done. And you are ready for a fantastic dinner with your boo.



Outfits Guys Love

Here are some outfits guys love, sometimes you don’t need to go the extra mile to impress.

High Heels
Hair Down
Natural Makeup | if any

Mini Black Dress
Red Lipstick

Simple Dress
Canvas Shoes (Toms)
Wild Hair



3 Looks for the New Years

As we all know we all try to look our best to wait for the new years, some of us may dress very classy some of us may wear jeans and flip flops and not care much I guess it all depends of who we are and were we stand. But, regardless we have to try to maintain our selves beautiful every second of our lives. Here I have 3 outfits, that anyone can put together without having to go shopping, and remember my beauties red lipstick makes you look exotic.

Outfit 1:
Black Mini Dress
Red Heels
Red Lipstick
Optional – Nice Necklace and Earrings

Outfit 2:
Black Skirt
White Blouse
Opened High Heel Sandals
Red Lipstick
optional – Nice Necklace and Earrings

Outfit 3:
Skinny Jeans
V Neck Shirt
Red Lipstick