The Liebster Award


Am super excited to say that I have been nominated twice for the Liebster Award by Mollie Jayne ( and Jenny Hawes ( Thank you so much ladies! I hope you ladies keep enjoying my posts.
For those who do not know about the Liebster Award; it is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The Rules of the Liebster Award
1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee
3. Pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5. Go to your nominee’s blogs and notify them

Molly Jayne’s Questions:

1) Your all time could-not-live-without beauty product? Eye Liner
2) If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, where would it be? Forever 21
3) Your guilty pleasure? White chocolates
4) Trainers or heels? Heels
5) Worst beauty product you’ve ever used? Eminence Lip Balm
6) Most loved lip product? Kate Moss 09 Berry Pink Red Lipstick
7) That fashion item you won’t throw away? Plaid Shirt
8) Favorite Celebrity? Nicki Minaj
9) Pet Hate? Snakes
10) That blogger that inspires you the most? I would have to say Carah Amelie (

Jenny Hawes Questions:

1.) Who/what is your favorite blogger/blog? Carah Amelie (
2.) What would be your dream job? Working at Loreal Corp
3.) Favorite accessory? Pearl Earrings
4.) At home, where is your favorite space? Living Room
5.) Summer, fall, winter or spring? Winter
6.) Who is your favorite actor/actress? Angelina Jolie
7.) What is your favorite trend at the moment? Chunky Gold Necklace
8.) Candy, chocolate or veggies? Usually I would say Chocolates but I’ll go with Veggies
9.) If you could travel to a place for any length of time, no cost & no plane hours where would you go? Paris
10.) What’s the best part of being a blogger? You write about what you love without limitations

Now! For the 10 blogs Nominated:

My Questions for the Nominees are:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your least favorite color and why?
3. What kind of music do you like?
4. If you could use only 1 makeup product in the whole day what would it be?
5. What is your favorite restaurant and why?
6. What is your favorite food?
7. Who is your hero?
8. Had any bad experiences this year?
9. If someone came to you right now to change your hair color what would it be and why?
10. Favorite lipstick brand and color?


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